To help sanitize the ministry of God by separating self-acclaimed men of God who have developed the habit of pronouncing prophecies of death and doom on high-profile personalities, particularly during New Year’s eve from the genuine ones, a renowned prophet and founder of the Gethsemane Int. Min. Prophet Charles Baah has proposed public flogging of such men of God who see the New Year as the only period to gain fame and popularity by giving prophecies that turns to create fear among members of the families of those concerned, and the country as a whole.

The development seems to have become the order of the day, as such men of God have made politicians and people of high standing in the society their target.

This development, two years ago forced the police administration to wage war on such men of God, warning every pastor not to pronounce any prophecy during the 31st Watch Night service.

Such self-acclaimed men of God, Prophet Charles Baah has described as prophets of doom whose sole intention is to put fear in the public, so as to gain attention.

According to him, God speaks to His true prophets anytime He deems it necessary and therefore does not wait till 31st Night before delivering His message to His people.

He said all such self-acclaimed prophets who only pronounce prophecies of death and doom deserve to be given public lashes to serve as deterrents to others.

By: Robert Ayanful

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