Military Men Lash Woman Mercilessly For Challenging Them Over Appolonia Land

A 39 year old business woman has been given the beatings of her life as soldiers purported to be coming from the Burma Camp lashed her for challenging their authority on a disputed land at Appolonia.

The woman, Regina Blay who owns some four plots of land within Appolonia was beaten when she confronted the soldiers who were providing protection for workers of an estate company, Asandof Group of companies.

Madam Bray
Madam Bray

According to madam Blay who narrated her ordeal to some media personnel in Tema, she said the soldiers who claimed to be acting on orders from the national security headquarters and the presidency, launched an attack on her when she questioned them as to why they were constructing a fence wall around her plot on which sits a restaurant and a block factory.

She said the soldiers numbering about fifty had three military pickups on standby, one of which had registration number 14 GA 84.

According to madam Blay, the estate company claiming ownership has been injuncted not to work by the Land Court 7 but have refused to obey the orders of the Court.

“I acquired my land from the elders of Appolonia; of which I duly conducted a search at the lands Commission, but in recent times, this estate company have been terrorizing me and all other developers in the area. My grantors have sent this estate company to court and the court has duly injuncted them to stay off until the case is determined but they have defied the court directive and with impunity they continue to work for close to a month now. They have now constructed fence wall all over here around People’s plots,” she narrated.

Workers were busy on site working even as at yesterday despite the Court order being in force.

A big fence wall has been erected around several plots of land.

Madam Blay alleged that some building footings were also destroyed in the process.

She said: “We are really worried because despite a court order, this company is still working so we want to know if some people are above the law?”

Some other land owners in the area lamented the intimidations being suffered in the hands of the soldiers who on 24 hour guard at the site, saying that, “These soldiers have supervised the workers of Asandof Group of companies and thus provided security for them to fence our legally acquired lands. We have cried and cried but to no avail. We don’t understand why people will be using the name of the presidency and the national security to be intimidating us”.

Madam Blay is appealing to the President to ensure that Justice is served her as she is being robbed off her hard earned sweat.

She said she has since lodged complaint with the Oyibi Police station and was issued with medical forms to go to the hospital.

Madam Blay further noted that she later went to lodge a complaint with the Military Police but to no avail.

However, efforts to get to Asandof Group of companies for their side of the story proved futile.


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