MMUN West Africa Launches Ghana Chapter for Educational Empowerment

In a momentous occasion, MMUN West Africa celebrated the inauguration of its Ghanaian Chapter on December 23, 2023, ushering in a new era of educational empowerment and cross-cultural exchange.

His Royal Highness, King Anumle Ayitey Oyanka I, the esteemed Emissary of Education for MMUN West Africa, expressed heartfelt gratitude for the organization’s expansion into the sub-Saharan region. The ceremony, attended by dignitaries and education enthusiasts, signified a commitment to bringing MMUN’s impactful programs to the vibrant educational landscape of West Africa.

King Oyanka, a traditional leader and avid educational enthusiast, commended MMUN’s scholarship projects and exchange programs that facilitate the sharing of cultural experiences among students. Drawing attention to Ghana’s wealth of intelligent and brilliant youth, he emphasized the critical need for enhanced scholarship opportunities to broaden their global exposure.

Tasking the newly inaugurated board members, led by Chairman Nii Offoli Tackie Yaboi, King Oyanka urged them to work diligently in implementing strategic plans that align with MMUN’s overarching mandate in Ghana. The king’s call for collaboration extended to the Education Ministry and all educational stakeholders, urging them to unite in realizing MMUN West Africa’s vision.

In a significant announcement, King Oyanka disclosed plans for the first congress of the organization in March 2024. This landmark event promises to host over 200 students from West Africa, providing them with fully funded scholarships. The congress aims to foster intellectual dialogue, cultural exchange, and collaborative initiatives among the region’s young minds.

Mr. Richard Flynn, an esteemed member and Ambassador for MMUN West Africa, echoed King Oyanka’s sentiments. Flynn encouraged individuals passionate about Montessori education to actively contribute to the success of the newly established chapter in Ghana.

The dedicated board members, including Timothy Kwablah Badzi, Jara Iddrisu, Witthy Ahorhu, Dickson Boadi, Sam Johnson Mawuli, Michael Anaman, Nii Obli Okai Awuah, Acheampong Emmanuel, and Bright Adu, stand poised to embark on this educational journey, shaping the future of MMUN in Ghana.

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