Most Ghanaians are not happy with the job they are doing is the reason why Ghana is poor


It is common knowledge in Ghana that most young children, growing up, are compelled to make a lot of compromises on their aspirations in life. A lot of factors propel these future leaders to do such thing in order to “fit in”.

Three days ago, I met a beautiful young lady. I immediately recognised her as Lucy, that young lady who told me, 10 years ago, that she would love to become a Lawyer. Unfortunately, she has ended up in the bank as a chartered accountant.

I asked her why the change in her dream profession and she tells me after her LLB, she attempted to enter the Law School. All her five (5) attempts proved futile so she chartered as an accountant, to save time. She was quick to add that, even though her current job appears prestigious and lucrative, she “weeps” each morning before leaving for the office.

I know there are many such narations at several other work places. People find themselves in professions they don’t love. They are only there to make a living. Once it puts food on the table, they don’t care about anything else.

This accounts for the reason why people look on carelessly when facilities deteriorate at the work place, customer care is poorly done, good human relation is virtually dead, among others.

We can, as a country, pretend to be praying and working hard, but if the impediments to the achievements of ones dreams are not tackled, the country will wallow in under-development.

Source Councelor Far Fenyi

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