Movie Industry Welcomes Another Versatile Actress, Zeenat Zita D. Yirenkyi

The Movie Industry in Ghana has welcome another amazing and versatile actress, who many people in the industry believe can bring that flavor and taste to acting that movie lovers want.

Zeenat Zita D. Yirenkyi who has just joined the film industry as a successful cooperate worker has decided to follow her passion in acting.

The beautiful, tall and fair Zeenat Zita has a good human relation.

Speaking to some industry players they confirmed her ability to deliver on set and bring out the best in her in order to boost and build the movie industry.

Movie Director McLORD ICE, in a conversation revealed his intention of featuring Zeenat Zita D. Yirenkyi in his movies in the first quarter of this year.

“Yes I can confirm to you that I will be using her this year in the first quarter,” he said.

According to McLORD ICE, Zeenat Zita D. Yirenkyi is a good actress.

“…and you know, I am working on something which you will not be surprised to see me use her. She is also great with her time.”

“I think she is a very versatile good actress who can give what the Nigerians use against us.”


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