Musah Superior’s Arrogance Will Cost NPP; Sack Him – NPP Youth To Akufo-Addo

A vociferous member of the Northern Regional Communication team and Constituency Secretary of Tamale South Constituency, Yussif Dangima has indicated that the entire executives of the NPP in the region have lost trust in Musah Superior, hence must be removed.

The Mayor of the Tamale Metropolis, Iddrisu Musah Superior, according to Yussif Dangima has exhibited arrogance and abuse of office to the extreme that the party supporters at the grassroots is shaken.

Yusif Dangima who is also the spokesperson for the aggrieved executives and youth groups said the Tamale Mayor has been disrespectful to the party functionary and that his relationship with party leaders in the region cannot bring anything good to the party’s strength towards the 2020 elections.

Information gathered from the region indicates that the NPP leadership in the northern region has on several occasions engaged Musah Superior in meetings to bring him to order but he has remained adamant to his own whims.

Other sources however said that Musah Superior has been the bane of many troubles that have bedevilled the region, since it was his boys and closed associates who featured in the disturbances at the Tamale Teaching Hospital (TTH).

Meanwhile, the aggrieved executives and youth groups said it was evident that Musah Superior is not working in the interest of the people of the region but he has his own agenda to pursue “and by that, we think he must be sacked,” he said.

The aggrieved executives and youth groups further noted that “We are calling on the president, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo to dismiss the Tamale Metropolitan Chief Executive, Iddirisu Musah Superior, with immediate effect”.

They also said the Northern Regional NPP chairman, Mr. Mohammed Adam Baantima Samba has been one of the party executives who have suffered a great deal in the hands of Musah Superior but he (Samba) always shielded Superior because of the party.

They however urged Mohammed Adam Baantima Samba not to stand in their way and must allow them to fight Musah Superior and see his removal so as to save the party from any eventually defeat in the coming elections.

According to them, the youth in the region are now uncomfortable with the way Chairman Samba has been addressing issues regarding Musah Superior, hence will not allow him to stand in their way as far as finding solution to the ongoing empasse between them and the Mayor.

“And we believe the only solution now is for him to leave that position. We want the president to see through our concerns. We are not saying this because of any party executive or any individual but we are doing this in the larger interest of the party.”

The aggrieved executives and youth groups also averred that Musah Superior who contested the Moon Parliamentary candidacy, is believed to have been launching an attack on the current MP for Mion who have achieved much for the constituency and the region.
According to them, Musah Superior must not be allowed to tare the party for a ride and run it down the abyss.

They said President Akufo-Addo who has fought tirelessly to see the party in power today, must not allow the arrogance of persons like Musah Superior destroy the hard earned legacy he has achieved for the party and for the people of Ghana.

Earlier this week, constituency executives from all constituencies in Tamale and leaders of various youth groups held a press conference and called for the immediate dismissal of Musah Superior and have threatened to demonstrate against the National leadership of the party and government if he is not removed from the position as the Mayor of Tamale in a shortest possible time.


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