Musama Disco Christ Church Calls For Unity

The Musama Disco Christ Church says it believes members of the Church who deferred to other religious denominations will realize their roots and return to the church.

This optimism was expressed by Pastor Justice Baidoo in charge of the Agona Nkum branch of the church and Rev. Gladys Aryee of the Agona Nyakrom branch of the church during this years ”Seenim” at Agona Nyakrom in the Central Region.

The occasion which takes place annually is used to seek for the welfare and wellbeing of the members of the church.

Speaking to the media at the sidelines of the program, both Pastor Justice Baidoo and Rev Gladys Aryee admitted division in the church, but stressed that all the breakaway factions practice the mode of worship by the mother church, the MDCC, a situation they said it’s an indication that they will one day realize their roots and come back.

They therefore admonished members of the Musama Disco Christo church to remain steadfast and committed to the church and not allow the current events in the church to sway their belief.

By. Robert Ayanful

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