Muslim Associations Commend Hajj Board

Sheikh I.C Quaye

Three Muslim groups, Hajj Muslim Media Voice Platform, Northerners and Zongos Concern Youth Association Ghana and Gh Muslims. Com have commended government and the Ghana Hajj Board for a successful 2017 Hajj.

The three groups gave the commendation in a joint statement cited by this reporter.

They noted that this year’s Hajj was successful due to measures put in place by Sheikh Ibrahim Clottey Quaye and the executive members.

According to the statement, after the previous administration handed over the affairs of the Hajj operations to the current hajj board led by Sheikh I.C. Qauye, series of meetings were held on the way forward for a successful hajj operation for pilgrims during which many strategic measures were put in place.

The statement revealed that issues bothering on comfortable accommodation, financial management, transport, logistics and many other issues were discussed and outlined by the current Hajj Board.

The statement added that this year’s Hajj was stress-free with good medical data base software, efficiency of VISA acquisition as well as well-organized transportation for pilgrims during and after the pilgrimage in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The statement revealed that issues of improper health care, security at Hajj village and inadequate task force have now become things of the past under the Sheikh I.C Quaye-led administration.

According to the statement, the Hajj Board put in place a very efficient Hajj task force, a comprehensive Hajj DAWA IN Accra and Tamale, facilitated good communications with Hajj agents and offered maximum welfare packages for pilgrims.

It added that the pre-departure health screening held by the Hajj Board played a major role in reducing casualties among the pilgrims.

The statement added that a stakeholders’ meeting was one of the major things that led to the successful hajj operation.

The statement further revealed that this current hajj board in it first time has perform well as compare to other boards.

The three groups therefore believes that with periodical meetings experts in hajj issues will enhance the new administration’s enlightenment on hajj matters.

The associations called on the Hajj Board to straighten its operation to make the next Hajj more successful.


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