My critics are hypocrites – Rose Adjei

Gospel artiste, Rose Adjei, has described her critics who say she is bound to go to hell for wearing trousers in a music video as “hypocrites”.

According to her, she has received many phone calls condemning her after she released her video for the song “Lift Him High”.

According to her, the anonymous callers accused her of being a bad influence to the youth. “They even judged that I was bound for hell because I wore trousers,” she said.

Speaking on Entertainment Capital on Accra100.5FM, Rose Adjei dared her critics to vow if they had never worn trousers before.

Narrating her ordeal to show host, Bismark Boachie (DJ Premier), she said: “When I released my music video on the 4 of August 2017, I had calls that I was a bad influence on the youth because I had on men’s clothing. I was in trousers and also wearing a baseball cap. I remember at a point in the video I was in a military camouflage and cap. I explained that I’m a soldier in the army of the Lord and so there is nothing wrong if I wear that. And I have not seen anywhere that trousers are meant for men only.

“A lot of people have given me a Bible quotation that speaks against women wearing men’s clothing. They quoted Deuteronomy 22:5 but I didn’t see anything when I read the scriptures. I explained that, that verse said a woman shouldn’t wear men’s attire and a man too shouldn’t wear a woman’s attire. But the Bible didn’t specify that a man’s attire is trousers and a woman’s attire is skirt. And at the time the scriptures were written, there was nothing like trousers or skirt.

“I further explained that I dressed that way to suit the type of song I was doing. I agreed with my management team that the video demands a lot of dancing and jumping. I love African print but I couldn’t jump and dance wearing Kaba and slit in the video. Some people called me and said I was already in hell for wearing trousers but which of my critics can say they have never worn trousers before?

“Everyone wears trousers for different reasons. I wore the trousers to praise my Maker. So if you won’t read the Bible well but want to judge me, then you are a hypocrite.”

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