My relationship with John Painstil was strictly business – Yvonne Okoro

Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur Yvonne Okoro has revealed that she never had an affair with the Ghanaian retired footballer John Paintsil.

Speaking in the interview with Delay on the Delay show, the actress disclosed that they are just friends and they only established contact when John bought a house from her dad who deals in real estate. So the relationship they had was just for business.

There have been rumours that the footballer was on the verge of ending his marriage because of the actress and that he only bought one of her dad’s estates to impress her.

“I never knew I was so powerful for a man to dump his wife just because of me….my father is a real estate person, he sells houses and I also help him in selling it. He is not the only one that I have sold a house to. But I’ve never ever dated John Painstil before,’’ She emphasised.

According to Yvonne Okoro, she doesn’t date married men.

“I live with my parents and we live in a very traditional conservative family, where there is that notion you can’t bring a man home unless the man is in a serious relationship with you.

However, the actress divulged that she’s currently dating someone who is not a Ghanaian.

“I’ve been in a relationship with him for two years, and we hope to get married soon.

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