Nasser “Abbey” Osabutey Is Not Prampram Paramount Stool Secretary – Royal Gates

The three royal gates of Prampram Tradional Area, Abbey/Doku Mansro We, Tetteh Dzan/Larbi Agbo We and Kwei Opletu We have cautioned the general public to stop dealing with one Nasser Abbey Osabutey who goes around parading himself as the secretary to the Prampram Paramountcy.

According to the Royal Gates, there is no title as Prampram Paramountcy and therefore there is no position such as Secretary to the Paramountcy.

Speaking to SUPREME Newspaper, the Prampram Stool Father, Nii Osabu Abbey said apart from the three Royal Gates, no family has the moral right to install a chief to the extent of a paramount secretary.

“Our attention has been drawn to publications on social media platforms purported to have been posted by the Paramountcy of Prampram Traditional Council,” Nii Osabu stated.

He said, “I wish to state that there is no Paramountcy in Prampram Traditional Area and therefore the general public must not transact any business with one Nene Tetteh Wakah III a self-styled paramount chief and his secretary Nasser Abbey Osabutey, who they describe as imposters.

“It is not right for a non-royal to claim the nobles of Prampram Paramountcy,” he said, describing their actions as ‘imposters’ and a shame to that individual who call himself chief of Prampram.

Heads of the Three Royal Gates (Inside)
Heads of the Three Royal Gates (Inside)

According to the Stool Father, Court ruling in 1926, from the Royal Achieves, stated clearly and explicitly that, the Kwei Olpetu We of which the so called paramount secretary claimed he hails from is not and cannot be recognized as a Stool gate.

He said history revealed that Mr. Osabutey’s ancestors are perchers and therefore have no capacity or authority to claim any royal lineage at Prampram.

Nii Osabu said the heads and elders of the various gates of the Prampram Royal Family themselves have stated clearly on a number of occasions that they have not installed any Paramount Chief in Prampram, so if Mr. Osabutey have problem with that “why don’t you go and sue them at the law court?”

“Nasser Osabutey is not a secretary of the royal family, so he better stop parading himself as such before we ask him to come tell his lineages in the royal family,” he said

He said, the self-acclaimed secretary does not have recognition with the Doku Mansro We gate of the royal family, so therefore he is unknown to the entire royal family.

“The good people of Prampram will never stoop so low to allow you, name yourself, to become a messenger to the throne of Prampram let alone a Paramount chief,” he added.

Meanwhile reports have it that, the Prampram Traditional Council is also expected to issue a statement in affirmation to the assertion by the elders of the three royal gates, in the coming days.




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