Navigating Tenancy After the Supreme Court Ruling: Guidance from Surv. Ing. Samuel Larbi Darko

In the wake of a Supreme Court judgment, Surv. Ing. Samuel Larbi Darko, the power of attorney holder for the Numo Nmashie Family of Teshie and La, takes a strategic step.

He unveils the Chief List of 1941, aiming to assist those who acquired lands from Numo Nmashie in identifying the proper channels to attain tenancy.

The intricate details lie within the villages under Teshie, all falling under the jurisdiction of the Teshie Mankralo.

The current occupant of the Numo Nmashie position originally owned all these lands.

Surv. Ing. Samuel Larbi Darko’s presentation of the Chief List aims to provide clarity and guidance for those seeking tenancy, aligning with the recent Supreme Court judgment on land ownership in these areas.

As individuals navigate the process of attaining tenancy, Surv. Ing. Samuel Larbi Darko underscores the historical significance embedded in the 1941 Chief List.

This document not only serves as a roadmap for identifying rightful land ownership but also reflects the intricate web of heritage and governance that shapes the communities within Teshie.

By leveraging the Chief List, individuals can establish a connection with the roots of land ownership, fostering a sense of understanding and unity within the broader context of the Numo Nmashie Family’s legacy.


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