NDC Youth Organizer for Akyem Oda Constituency Mr. Solomon Brako Kusi has charged Members of NDC TEIN to start working towards bringing the party to power in 2024.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Youth organizer for Akyem Oda constituency, Mr. Solomon Brako Kusi popularly known as Kofi Poyoyo or Obodo Yibo 1, has charged members of the Tertiary Educational Institutions Network of the National Democratic Congress to start working towards bringing the party to power in 2024.

Mr. Solomon Brako speaking to the students during the handing over and freshers’ orientation ceremony by the Akyem Oda Methodist College of Education and Akyem Oda Community Health Nursing Training College chapters of TEIN in Akyem Oda advised the students not to relent doing politics when they complete school but rather continue and propagate the good work of NDC administrations.

He said most of the time when the students complete school, they stop doing politics and that’s one of the main reason why NPP faithfuls always say NDC are illiterates.

He urged the students to join any branch of the party close to them in their various place of stay so that they can continue to do active politics.

Mr. Solomon Brako said, the Former President of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama, has said, going into 2024 election they need people who can read and understand to be posted to the various poling centers so that they can protect the ballots for them and the people who can do that work are the TEIN students, so he urged them to register and join the various branches in where they are coming from.

“Between now and December 2024, everything we do must be geared towards gaining power. It won’t be easy but it can be done” he said.

The National Youth Organizer for NDC Lawyer George Opare Addo in his address said moving to 2024 Election they will be using the tactics Prof. Azuma Nelson use against Fenech, they are going to make sure they will work very hard so that they can win indisputably with big margin so that nobody can challenged it or robbed them again.

He said the country is failing and the economy has collapsed henced there are two things involved, either they get involved to save the ailing economy or sit down aloof doing nothing for the economy to crush finally. He, therefore, challenged everyone to be part of the save Ghana agenda. He demanded hardwork and commitment to save the country.

Lawyer Opare Addo said, to save the country they must go the extra mile, tell the good people of Ghana the truth behind our current plight.

The future of the country lies in the power of the youth and it’s only the youth who will be responsible for tomorrow but until that tomorrow comes, they have to make sure they have saved the nation first.

Any time the nation faces challenges like this it is the students who rise to the occasion and save the nation and put it back on track.

He is very confident that come 2024 they will save the nation.

Lawyer George Opare Addo urged the teeming students to move from their comfort zones and tell the people what they need to know.

He advice the students to get seriously involved in active politics by using their social media platforms to tell the NDC’s success stories for people to know and also to advocate for change by telling everyone what is happening in their schools.

He changed the students to be brand ambassadors of the party where ever they find themselves and to be bold and speak about the NDC.

He also reminded them that, they belong to a tradition that’s not corrupt, they belong to a group that has not steal from the ordinary Ghanaians, they belong to a political party that any time they are in power they bring development to the people.

The National Organiser pleaded with them to make themselves available as party agents come December, 2024 because they need them at the poling centers to protect the ballot boxes.

In conclusion he stressed that, the NPP can not cheat or rig the election without the consent of the NDC agents they can only do that when the NDC agents are compromised and he believes that they will not be compromised but show true comradeship and loyalty to the party.

Report by Samuel Quao.

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