Network Of NGOs Enters Into Collaboration With GJA

The call was made by the president and founder of NARNGO Mr. Kofi Lucas during the maiden engagement with the GJA dubbed” Time with Editors.

Below is the full press release issued to that effect.




At “TIME WITH EDITORS” First series of programmes organized by Network of Associations of Registered NGOs in Ghana (NARNGO) held at the International Press Centre in Accra for Editors and GJA Executives, Mr. Kofi Lucas founder and President of NARNGO called for closer collaboration and partnership with Editors and GJA. Mr. Lucas was speaking on the concept paper entitled “Strategically and holistically taking Government’s Coordinated programme to the grassroots through the Media, in the era of COVID-19 pandemic and taking advantage of the Opportunities -The Network of Associations of Registered NGOs in Ghana Approach in complementing the efforts of Government.

Mr. Kofi Lucas told his audience that the first programme “TIME WITH EDITORS” series is to share the concept paper with them, plea with them to accept his request to join hands with NARNGO so that together we woo Religious and interest group leaders to also come on board in order to win the fight over numerous problems and challenges facing Ghana as a complementary to support Government’s efforts.

The Founder stressed that without Editors and GJA, winning the battle is not going to be easy, hence the forum, and that for the sake of God, the Poor and the Needy among others, they should accept his humble invitation to join hands with NARNGO, to complement Government’s efforts to move Ghana forward positively. He was quick to add that NARNGO shall mobilize interested Religious and Interest bodies to partner Government to venture into Agri-business and its value chain to ensure food security in its efforts to fight poverty, hunger, unemployment as well as rural-urban migration. Mr. Kofi Lucas said this will make it possible to provide at least one nutritious healthy meal per day to struggling active and retired clergy and Church members, targeting at least 200 needy senior citizens and 100 single mothers and jobless youth as well as supporting less-privilege Schools and Health institutions with food produce among others to be led by the Leaders of the religious and interest groups in all the over 5,700 electoral areas in Ghana.

The Founder hinted that the concept, NARNGO has developed will create at least one million jobs and over 40,000 cooperative business ventures for interested Religious and Interest bodies nationwide. He again called on Editors and GJA to consider and be part of this Game-changer strategy. He told the Editors and GJA Executives that NARNGO has already organized a roundtable conference for Religious and Interest bodies and will organize a conference for at least 300 religious bodies and interest group leaders soon.

Mr. Lucas said, this is the time to assemble critical strategic thinkers, and make use of them to the benefit of Ghana and that is exactly what NARNGO is doing. He said, in Ghana, we have capable men and women, all that we need to do is to identify them and make use of them and I believe the world will come and learn from us, our success story, to the glory of God.

Dr. George Domfe, A Senior Research fellow at the Centre For Social Policy Studies of the University of Ghana took the Editors through the national economy from the Colonial days to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Republics of Ghana and commended the NPP administration of its Social and economic policies, flagship programmes, management, implementation and good leadership.

TIME WITH EDITORS was chaired by the GJA President, Dr. Roland Affail Monney. There were over twenty Editors in attendance.

Issued by the public affairs directorate of NARNGO and signed by
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