New RAG Chairman Joe Debrah: Referees are not paid well in Ghana


Newly elected Referees Association of Ghana (RAG) Chairman John Bismark Debrah believes referees do not perform to their utmost potential due to lack of financial backing.

And according to Kumasi-based retired referee, the financial difficulties officials face culminates in them accepting bribes from club officials.


“When you know the genesis of the problem, you will know how to tackle and how to solve it. There are speculations that referees take bribe but the question is how do they take it? the answer is because they are not paid well,” Debrah said.


“The FA has made the referees to go hungry for so long and that is the reason why they have been taking those things and if we want to do away with it unless the FA sit up.”


”FIFA referees in this country take a mere GHC 500 including hotel fees, transportation and other things. So the referees underperform because of lack of support. I will sit down with them to make sure the right things are done”


Story by Sammy Heywood Okine


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