Kingmakers of Ngleshi Alata have installed a substantive Dzasetse, according to the customary practice and usage of Ngleshi Alata Stool for the position of Dzasetse.

Nii Kojo Ashamanfro lll, the substantive Dzasetse was outdoored at midnight on Thursday19th. December 2019 after confinement at a colorful ceremony at the Paramount stool house

The installation ceremony was performed by Nii Sampa Kojo Xll of Dom Osiahene and Head of the Kingmakers of Nii Kojo Appiah V Kingmaker of the Paramount Stool of Ashalaja, Nii Sackey Ansah V, Kingmaker of Manhean .

Nii Kojo Ashamanfro hails from the Adedentan, Dedei Ajumanko and Adanse Division of Wetse kojowe of mantsewe all of Ngleshi Alata and was a principal elder of all the three divisions.

Nii Kojo Ashamanfro lll, who is known in private life as Bernard Nii Odailai Bruce is an astute businessman and the CEO of Bruce Investments Co. Ltd.
This installation brings to an end of the Acting Nii Sackey Akomeah.
The Kingmakers and the people of James town congratulated Nii Kojo Ashamanfro lll on his installation as the substantive Dzasetse of Ngleshi Alata and prayed that he brings back his rich experience, knowledge and wisdom in customary issues and public life to positively bear on his position as Dzasetse of Ngleshi Alata.

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