Nii Ayiteyfio Gjata I, National Chief Iman partner to develop Oyarifa

The Youth Chief of Abola Akwatse We, Nii Ayiteyfio Djata I is partnering with Ghana’s National Chief, Imam His Eminence Sheikh Dr. Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu to bring development to Oyarifa and its environs in the Greater Accra Region.

In a courtesy call on Wednesday, February 1, 2023, on the National Chief Imam at his residence at Fadama, the National Chief Imam lauded the initiative by Nii Ayiteyfio Djata.

Speaking to Nii Gjata I stated that the initiative was geared towards the construction of a mosque for the Muslim community in Oyarifa as well a school for the residents of Oyarifa.

The Youth Chief of Abola Akwatse We stated that the National Chief was full of joy about the move and he prayed for the success of the construction works that the area will see soon.

“As the Youth Chief, I have to help our area to see progress and development that is why I am engaging in what can open up Oyarifa for more development.

“When you see Oyarifa we will need a mosque and a school so we have demarcated a portion of our land so that the National Chief Imam can use for these construction works. Because we also have quite a huge number of Muslim communities, who will need such infrastructure,” the Youth Chief stated.

Nii Ayiteyfio Gjata I stated that community development should be a collective thing and not left for only the government.

“When you go out to work you will definitely come home and you need room to sleep in. So infrastructure should be paramount for us as a nation.

“One other thing I will love about the involvement of the National Chief Imam is for Oyarifa to have factories. So that the youth can be gainfully employed. We also need the help of the government in this regard, we have lands so with the government’s support we can achieve all of these.”

He asked for God’s guidance and protection for the President so that the nation can see more development and progress.

Nii Ayiteyfio Gjata I was accompanied by Abola Asafoatse of Akwatse We, Nii Akwa Nsro Apim I for the visit.

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