Nii Dodoo Clottey Family Of Pokuase Gets New Family Head

The Nii Dodoo Clottey Family of Pokuase in the Ga North District of the Greater Accra Region has installed a new Family Head after a protracted misunderstanding over a choice of a befitting family head.
Finally, on December 17th, 2023, the Family, in a colourful ceremony enstooled Michael Nii Amu Dodoo as the new family Head amidst singing and merry making as it was declared by the principal family elders.
Out of the sixteen active houses of the family, twelve houses represented by their principal elders have all endorsed Mr Michel Nii Amu Dodoo’s installation.
The newly installed family head, Michael Nii Amu Dodoo declared his resolve to bring unity and pledged to unite the family for growth and development.
He also entreated all family members to rally behind him in his quest to unite the family and bring growth.
It is however believed that his installation brings an end to the beaming controversies that surrounded the position.

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