Niiboi Town celebrate maiden Homowo Festival

The chief of Niiboi Town Nii Amar Noryaa i and the people of Niiboi Town celebrates  Homowo festival by sprinkling of the food Kpokpoi along the principal street of Niiboi Town and some ancestral areas.

The ceremony is hoot at hunger also expect to bring blessing and prosperity to the people for good harvest and development.

The chief of Niiboi Town Nii Amar Noryaa i speaking at the event urged the people of the town to unite and contribute towards the development of Niiboi Town.
He said development can only come to Niiboi Town when the people are together and there is peace in the area.



He ask all the residents to think about the progress of the area and make peace with everybody.
He uged the people always to come to him when there is a problem and also people should feel free to tell him when he is doing something which they don’t feel comfortable.

Nii Amar Noryaa calls on the president His Excellency Nana Akufo Addo to give them their shear of the National cake and also said there should be transparency in the dealings of free education.

Nii Amar Noryaa thank the Muslim community for their contributions towards the development of the Town.

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