Northern Development Authority CEO Visits More Farms In Northern Region

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Northern Development Authority (NDA), Dr Abdel Majid Haroun has taken a long weekend visit to Cudjoe Abimash farms in the Northern region to Acquaint himself with progress of work on the farm.
The visit was part of his working visit to the farms in the region.
His visit to the Cudjoe Abimash farms came on after he visited the Flow Farms yesterday.
The Cudjoe Abimash farms comprises a 350 acres of maize variety SC 719, and 225 acres of 30 yards of 87 variety of yellow maize.
It also has 110 acres of soya and 172 acres of Afayak variety of soya bean.
Dr Abdel Majid Haroun expressed satisfaction at the progress of work on the various farms in the Northern region.
He also indicated the preparedness of the youth to help in the government’s planting for food agenda and in providing agriculture development in the region.
He said his earlier visit to Flow Farms, which is an integrated Agricultural farms in the Northern region is tells him how confident the youth are into the production of vegetables, fruits, and birds like Guinea fowl, turkey, pigeon, local fowls.
Dr Abdel Majid Haroun advice that the private sector’s role in quality input provision is key to agriculture sector transformation and that the youth who have decided to go into agriculture need the necessary support to be able to sustain their work.
According to him government is doing everything to ensure that agriculture is given the necessary boost to make it attractive for the youth.
He however pointed out that the private sector has a huge potential to make overwhelming contributions to the agric sector by improving the development, availability and access to improved inputs such as improved certified seeds, quality fertilizers, agricultural machinery, and suitable services and products among the value chain actors, hence the potentials of Prime Farms owners is laudable.
He said: “Government will continue to motivate the youth to go into agriculture since it is a major catalyst in transforming the agricultural sector into a highly productive system for increased productivity and to ensure food and nutrition security, as well as generate employment for the economically active youth in a sustainable manner. “
Dr Abdel Majid Haroun said the fast pace of growth on the farms will help boost youth entrepreneurship and agriculture in the region and encouraged the owners to always employ good and best practices and modern technologies and machinery to be able to produce on large scale not only for domestic use but for export.
He charged them to consider taking advantage of the Africa Free Trade Market, which will soon be hosted in Ghana to build their agricultural and their businesses.


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