Novelty Odwira Beach Soccer Tournament could be the key to unlock employment opportunities for the youth, through Sports Tourism – Okere DCE

Asenema Waterfalls-Eastern Region

“It’s never been done before so this is an exciting novelty – that is why stakeholders are keen to explore how this unorthodox format with towns instead of clubs will impact the 20 participating communities”. 

The positive words of Okere District Assembly CEO Daniel Addo Kenneth will be music to the ears of many.

The ongoing closure of beaches due to Covid-19, has had a devastating impact on Ghana Beach Soccer activities according to club owners and the Chairman of Beach Soccer Yaw Ampofo Ankrah.

However, the industry must adjust and adapt to the volatile changing sports terrain not just for  survival but to thrive.

Once the template and format is successful and sustainable, we can then add major Festivals in Ghana beyond the coastal belt to the new Beach Soccer Calendar for 2022 and beyond.

Another chapter of the sand sport is about to be written as new corporate partners and sponsors emerge.

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