NPP Youth tips NPP-ABANGA for National Youth Organizer

The race for National Youth Organizer Position of the New Patriotic Party is taking shape ahead of the National Delegates Conference likely to be held come 2022.

As vital as the National Youth Organizer position is, so many vibrant, energetic and enterprising young patriots have been mentioned to fill the shoes of Nana B, the current National Youth Organizer. Among the popular names include NPP Abanga, Salam Mustapha and Pope.

Users of the most used social media tool, Facebook on Thursday, 21st January 2021 held a poll to access which of the three leading candidates is best placed to continue the good works of Nana B in driving the party to another victory in 2024 General Elections.

The name NPP Abanga emerged on top after the keenly contested poll followed by Salam Mustapha and Pope in second and third positions respectively. From the results, it could be said that The OBIAA BƐDIDI (OBD) Agenda of NPP Abanga is currently ahead of the others who are also working tirelessly to gain grounds.

Will this results reflect in the 2022 Delegates Conference or are we to expect some surprises as the years go by? Will another candidate emerge join the race and cause upsets and surprises? Time will have the answers to all these questions.

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