Nungua Chief Of Staff Caution Okpoi-Gonno Residents As S/C Judgment Favors Nungua

The Chief of Staff of Nungua Stool Mr. Frank Kofi Lewi acting upon a Supreme Court judgment attained in favor of the Stool has issued a statement to sternly caution developers and residents of Okpoi-Gonno to be wary of charlatans going round with a certain High Court ruling purporting to be owners or landlords of Okpoi-Gonno.

Contrary to the claims being bandied around by some people to have a certain Appeals Court judgment directing or pointing to them as owners of Okpoi-Gonno lands as in the case of Moi Ashong and Hydraform Estate Limited(HEL)(Suit No: Hi/2/2012), Mr. Lewi has made a superior case with a judgment from the Supreme Court(S/C) clearly spelling out and declaring Nungua Stool as the original land owners of Okpoi-Gonno.

A little background to the case shows that it was commenced in 2000 and concerns a parcel of land at Okpoi-Gonno in Accra. The plaintiffs claim to the land in dispute was based on purchase from Bortei Alabi family of Nungua who acquired it by customary grant from the Nungua Stool, had it documented in 1991 and registered under the land registration Act, 1996.

At the High Court, the plaintiffs’ case was dismissed but upon appeal the higher court granted their reliefs for recovery of possession, perpetual injunction and legal cost on a full indemnity basis.

However, when the matter was pushed to the Supreme Court, sunshine was brought to bear on the case and finally put to rest. In which case the Supreme Court Presided over Supreme Court Justices in the persons of Baffoe Bonnie, Gbadegbe, Pwamang, Dordzie and Kotey ruled that they hold the position that the court of appeal is not supported by the evidence on record and thereby set aside the judgment of the court of appeal dated 4th June, 2015.

The Nungua Chief of Staff is by this publication is cautioning all residents and developers to be careful of who they atone tenancy to for the day of reckoning is nigh.

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