Nungua Stool Cautions Lands Commission Over Borteyman Stool Lands

The Chief of Staff of the Nungua Stool Mr. Frank Lewi has issued a statement to caution the Lands Commission and the unsuspecting general public over the sale and purchase parcels of the Stool’s landed property situate at Borteyman near the government’s affordable housing project.

According to the Chief of Staff, Government of Ghana had acquired the land for a certain project which it had abandoned and therefore “we are of the view that if the government refuses to use the land for the purpose for which it acquired it then it automatically reverts to the allodial owners from whom it was acquired” as the Executive Instrument the government used for the acquisition stipulates.

He said, “it’s never the place of Lands Commission to re-demarcate or re-zone that area into service plots and begin to sell to unsuspecting general public.”

Mr. Lewi indicated that “as far as the stool is concern we don’t know any service plot being demarcated and being sold but Lands Commission has done that and they are selling the land to individuals so we are bu this publication cautioning those individuals buying those parcels of land to be very careful because Lands Commission doesn’t have the authority to sell land to any individual.”

He emphasized again that that whole area belongs to Nungua Stool and so if the government has no use for the purpose for which it acquired the land it should be returned to the Stool as the Executive Instrument the government used for the acquisition stipulates

The Chief of Staff further cautioned the Lands Commission to desist from that act because it goes to show disrespect towards the Stool and the Elders of Nungua “when these same officials at the Lands Commission dare not commit such bare face thievery and disrespect in their own home towns and villages where they hail from.”

“However, we know it’s a few unscrupulous staffs at the Commission who are making matters extremely difficult for the Ga state especially the people of Nungua but we also trust the Nana Addo’s administration and the new minister will work to resolve some of these bottle necks militating against the Ga State.

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