Odau Etweresoman to celebrate Ohumkan festival

The Odau Etweresohene Daasebre Ofosu Kwabi Ayebiahwe together with the chiefs and Elders of Odauman as part activities to celebrate Ohumkan festival will be organizing a town hall meeting to discuss issues about developmental projects that need to be done in Odauman.

The festival will be held on Tuesday 4th, July,2023 and the town hall meeting will be held on the 5th July, 2023 at the chiefs palace in Akyem Etwereso.

The Ohumkan festival is celebrated by the people of Akyem Abuakwa traditional area.

The festival is celebrated in June, July or in August annually. The purpose of celebrating Ohum festival is to usher in a new yam (Kokooase Bayerɛ) and give thanks to God the Almighty, the Ancestors and gods of the land for protection and provision of abundance of new yam.

Products from the lands and the river are used as symbols to remember the ancestors who struggled and persevered in keeping the society intact.

The Odau Etweresohene together with the chiefs and the people of Akyem Etwereso will discuss issues relating to development of the area and also settle family disputes on that day.

Report by Samuel Quao.

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