Odikuro of Ekumfi Kotukwa pays courtesy call on National Chief Imam

Okogyedom Nana Eduah Kofi Agyir V, Odikuro of Ekumfi Kotukwa, suburb of the Ekumfi District in the Central Region and Okogyeman Nana Kobina Amissah 1, known in private life as H.E. Sir Clyde Rivers, the development chief of Ekumfi Kotukwa have paid a courtesy call on national Chief Imam Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharuvutu, at his residence at Fadama in Accra.

Members of the entourage included , Dr. Charles Bennin, Professor Christopher Irene Imumolen , 2023 presidential candidate of Accord party in Nigeria, Nana Yeboah 1, Abekomahen of Abeadze Kyeakor, Dr. Kwabena Asmoah and others.

The purpose of their visit was that Okogyeman Nana Kobina Amissah 1, was out of the country during Ramadan and therefore could not host the National Chief Imam and offer his support to him and the entire Muslims community as well.

According to the Chiefs, since the grand ceremony is scheduled for 10th July , he therefore find it prudent to come and meet with Chief Imam to offer his support and also ask of his blessings upon him and entire Ekumfi Kotukwa kingdom.

“What happened today is a peace mission we come to help build Ghana to help build Africa. And we have to have the actual blessing of the top leader. And this is a great start for us to enter in to help all faiths and help everybody learn how to work together as one and the the blessing of the Chief Imam is paramount for our mission to be effective.”

In his introduction, Okogyedom Nana Eduah Kofi Agyir V, explained that the visit was to introduce Okogyeman Nana Kobina Amissah 1 to national Chief Imam to offer his prayers and blessings to him, because Chief Imam was officially informed before he was being sworn in as development chief.

According to Odikuro of Ekumfi Kotukwa, Nana Eduah Kofi Agyir, he has personal relationship with National Chief Imam and what ever he does, however, he ask for his advice before, so he finds it prudent to pay a courtesy call on him.

He emphasized that development is a key to every society hence the need for them to induct development Chief to help fasten developmental projects in their communities. Adding that his inducted will promote the Ghanaian culture abroad.

Nana Eduah Kofi Agyir V, address, he described Okogyeman Nana Kobina Amissah 1, as a man of substance. he pointed out that he personally invited Okogyeman Nana Kobina Amissah 1, to come home and help develop Ekumfi Kotukwa and Ekumfi communities like he had been doing in other countries.

In his speech, Nana Kobina Amissah 1, indicated that it is very important to build capacity among the young people and the people of our country. And the key to life is capacity. “When you have the skills to know how to do it, you can build your own tomorrow. Charity is not sustainable development is. So the first thing we have to develop is the actual mind of the people to be entrepreneurs, and think in terms of starting your own businesses having your own organizations”, he said.

H. E. Sir Clyde Rivers, attributed that Ghana is a great place. It is the first place that had independence. So he believe there is a spiritual significance to be in Ghana, the first country in the continent to have independence.

“We are here to spread that independence throughout the entire continent of Africa. We need to work with everyone. We have to understand that every Ghanaian should work to help each other prosper. And we are going to have a great country as we accomplished those things are finally. Ghana will be the the top place in the world for people to come to get the real Africa as Ghana”, he added.

Professor Chris Imumolen, the Presidential Candidate for Accord Party 2023 election Nigeria, said he came all the way from Nigeria to join because he believe of Africa and he is a believer of development, not just kind of every consumer that is well received as well and they had good prayers.

For him, he believe in prayers of the elders who wants to pray for us. “The spirit, of our forefathers also work to helping us achieve greatness. So for us as Africans, these are traditions and we should not allowed technology, education, whichever heights that we have gotten to take us from believing the prayers of those who are closer to God.”

Professor’s address urged African should trade together. This to him, we have the ECOWAS but yet we have a lot of restrictions in business for over a year plus the border between Nigeria and Ghana Togo, Benin was closed because of policies that should not be how we should run as nation.

He said Africa should have openness. “What is happening European Union in nature just have them African to synergize African to do business together. It is Africa before that is bullets policies and implements you.”

Professor Chris stressed that he will bring in on board when he become the president of Nigeria to see that West Africa serve as one and that will help to foster development and growth among the West African sub region.

For his part, Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharuvutu, National Chief Imam, expressed his gratitude to Okogyeman Nana Kobina Amissah 1, and Members of the entourage for unwavering visit and support for the Africa especially Ghana.

He also congratulated Nana Kobina Amissah 1, for being the first development chief of Ekumfi Kotukwa in the Central Region and his intention to develop the entire community and asked for God blessing upon him and his entourage.

Chief Imam also stressed that Ghanaians are one people regardless of their religion and Noted that without a peaceful environment, Ghanaian could not practice their respective religions , hence the need for co-existence.

Report By Bernard K DADZIE

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