Osu Homowo; Mob Break Castle Gate


There was a mere pandemonium at the Osu Castle gate last Tuesday when the military personnel at the castle gate tried to prevent the Osu Mantse who is also the President of the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs, Nii Okwei Kinka VI from entering into the castle to sprinkle Kpokpoi (the traditional food of the gods) during the O su Homowo festival.


This provoked the teeming youth to force their way into the castle for the Osu Mantse to carry out his traditional mandate as the Osu Mantse successfully.


This reporter in an interview with the angry youth who expressed their dissatisfaction over how some politicians are interfering in Osu chieftaincy matters and taking side with people whose aim is to bring tension within the Osu Traditional area during and after the homowo festival for their personal gains.


It will be recalled that the youth of Osu in a couple of months ago ,accused the First Lady, Madam Rebecca Akufo Addo and the Speaker of Parliament Hon. Mike Oquauye for soiling their hands in Osu Chieftaincy matters.


According to the angry youth, it is clear that those fomenting trouble in Osu have the backing of politicians.


The youth revealed that the military men at the the Osu Castle gate stated emphatically that they are working on instructions from above hence their attempt to prevent the Osu Mantse from entering into the castle to sprinkled the Kpokpoi.


They further revealed that similar incident occured during the ritual to place ban on noise making which the same military officer stated that they are working on instructions with an order from above.


This, the youth believe that such orders from above is coming from the First Lady and the speaker of Parliament as well as some Presidential staffers at the Presidency adding that they on several occasions head the trouble makers saying they have the backing of the said politicians.


According to the youth there is an information from an impeccable sources that the first lady masterminded the ‘’fake‘’ installation of the wulomo and among other things to have their evil agenda fulfilled.

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