Oti Region benefits from 3rd phase of markets disinfection

Markets, Lorry parks, toilet facilities and other public places in the Oti Region have benefited from the third phase of the ongoing markets disinfection.

The exercise is part of measures adopted by the central government through the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources and it partner Zoomlion to contain the continuous spread of Covid-19.

Speaking to the media,at the sideline of the event, the District Chief Executive (DCE) of Kadjebi in the newly created Oti Region, Mr Maxwell Kofi Asiedu said the district has begun a campaign of educating the people on how to strictly renew their commitment of observing the safety protocols of Covid-19.

According to the DCE, when the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo announced the ease of restrictions, the people also relaxed but “now that the cases are increasing we are going to intensify our education.”

Mr Asiedu made these statements at Kadjebi during the third phase of market and disinfection of public places.

He said as a way of enforcing the safety protocols, the district will first embark on education after which will follow strict enforcement.

The DCE said because of the continuous disinfection of the market and public places by the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resource with it partners Zoomlion Ghana Limited.

“The exercise has been helpful because since the spread of Covid-19, Kadjebi district has not recorded any outbreak of the virus,” he stated.

Mr Asiedu said the disinfection and fumination exercise have succeeded in killing and driving out mice and other insects from the market and public places.

In all six markets in Kadjebi districts such as the Kadjebi, Poase Cement, Dodi Papase, Ahamasu, Dodo Amanfrom and Wawaso were disinfected as well as toilets, court and lorry parks.

The Assemblyman for Dubonku Electoral Area, Mr Isaac Abavon, said “because the virus is still living with us, we must continue to obey and respect the various safety protocols.”

Mr Avavon said the fumigation and disinfection exercises carried out by the government has created the alertness and awareness to observe the safety protocols of regular hand washing, wearing of face mask, sanitizing our hands and avoid touching our mouth, nose and eyes with the hand.

He called on his people to always wear the face mask and follow the various safety protocols to avoid the spread of Covid-19.

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