Our Freedom Cannot Be Fully Utilized When Our Communities And Workplaces Are Unkempt – Yussif Salford (PMP)

Without freedom, life is worthless. But the benefits of our freedom cannot be fully utilized when our communities and workplaces are unkempt.

Mahatma Gandhi said “Sanitation is more important than independence”.

Gandhi’s thought on cleanliness is a significant component of development. It contributes to the health, wellbeing, and beauty of a nation.

A Healthy population makes a wealthy nation. As we celebrate 65 years of Independence, let us build on the foundation our freedom fighters laid for us.

Patriotism is not a badge that we carry on our shoulders, our actions must speak for it. Give your home, workplace, place of worship and the like a “Tender Loving Clean.”
Happy Independence Celebration!

Yussif Salford is the Chairman of the Contract Cleaners Association of Ghana (CCAG), and the CEO of City Xtra Limited.

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