More than two hundred people who were suffering from various forms of insatbility are said to have regained their state of mind through the application of herbal medicine in the course of treatment.

The founder of God Is Good Church, Church, a spiritual healing church at Gomoa Beseadze, Prophetess Comfort Afedziwah who disclosed this during a visit to the Centre by the media pointed out that herbal medicine has high efficacy and potency for the treatment of every health condition, provided the user applies it rightly.

She hinted that since she was ordained a spiritual priest about twenty years ago, she has cure almost two hundred and eighty people who were suffering from various forms of mental problems all through bt the use and application of herbal drugs.
She revealed that majority of these people are now in gainful employment with others happily married with chuldren named after her.

According to her, herbal medicine is more potent and has therefore appealed to the public to change the negative perceptiojn they have about it

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