More than 3,000 believers of Asomdwee Ntoton Som (the Religion of Peace and Adoration), including Moslems have converged at the ‘3rd Temple’ at Apam in the Central Region to pray for forgiveness of sin, healing, progress, prosperity and authority in life.

The week-long program will see members of the faith encircling round the Temple nine times each day, amidst prayers.

Speaking to the media, the leader of the Religion, Onyame Somafo Yaw pointed out that the erection of the Temple was a direct instructions from God, following the Caba in Mecca for the Arabians and the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem for the Jews.

He stressed that Asomdwee Ntoton Som ( Religion of Peace and Adoration) remains the only true religion to God and failure to accept and recognize this fact is the cause of the woes facing the world.

According to him, Ghana and for that matter Africa can only come out of its predicaments if its leaders recognize this and turn to the Religion.

He noted that the Religion is gradually gaining roots in other parts of the world, including America and Germany. Some members of the Religion who later spoke to the media in an interview expressed joy of seeing the light after converting to the Religion.

By Robert Ayanful

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