Ozay Onur Encourage More Business Relationship Between Turkey And Ghana.

With the current status of rapid growth between Turkey and Ghana there is hope for the Ghanian youth in sucuring more jobs in the private sector.

This came to light after series of follow-up by multiple award winning journalist and owner of Guarantee Inc media Group, Osumanu Guarantee spoke with business expert and the Chief executive officer of CTO international Mr Onur ozay.

Mr Onur indicated that the private sector can employ individuals and reduce the high unemployment rate if only the business community is being given better and reduce taxes as well as for government to create more flexible business policies.

Citing many investment Turkey has done for Ghana through the good work of the Turkish embassy in Accra, Mr Onur said that he will be proud to see more factories, companies and jobs created by the business communities in the coming years so that the youth can have hope otherwise maximum unemployment could become a national security issue for the country.

But he again cautioned that some huge number of investors has packed and close their corporate organisation and completely left the country in this year due to many challenges like security, high taxation among other things.

The young and successful Turkish business expert advice Ghanaians to focus on maximizing productivity in all sectors they are employed.

Story by Osumanu Guarantee

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