Parliament Chapel Humanitarian Donation Team Supports Chosen Children Orphanage

Parliament Chapel Humanitarian Donation Team has made donation of food and other items worth thousands of Ghana Cedis to the Chosen Children Orphanage Center in Darkuman, Accra.

The donation was to support the orphans through the COVID-19 Lockdown period as various benevolent organizations and individuals who used to offer them support are unable to do so within this period.

The items include bags of rice, sacks of onions, Gallons of Cooking Oil, Soft Drinks and other Assorted Items as well as Toiletries.

The Founder of the Church, Apostle Francis Amoako Attah who led the Team said, and the donation formed part of the church’s social responsibility projects in the communities.

According to him, in these trying times children in such homes need help, they need food and clothing hence the decision by the Church to set aside part of their resources into doing such acts of charity through donations.

Apostle Francis Amoako Attah averred that the church is there for the spiritual needs of people but not only that, “we have to also take care of their physical needs.”

He mentioned that the children of Chosen Children Center, in the absence of their parents deserve love and care every day and not only in seasons of festivities such as Christmas or Easter.

“They may not be our blood relatives, but they are our brothers and sisters in Christ and it is for this reason that we have taken it upon ourselves to present these items to them, with the support of the church,” he said.

Madam Gifty who works in the Center in receiving the items expressed appreciation to Parliament Chapel Humanitarian Donation Team towards the gesture and pleaded with the general public to come to their aid to as the country and the world at large battles COVID-19 which has led to a lockdown.

She said, due to the lockdown their benefactors are unable to frequent the center with their donations, hence appealed to churches to follow the footsteps of Parliament Chapel Humanitarian Donation Team in helping make the lives of the children better.

“I am very happy for this donation. As an orphanage we face lot of challenges. Chosen Charity Center is 14 years in operation and currently has 68 children; they are going to school with some at the SHS level,” she explained.

She however believes that the donation from Parliament Chapel Humanitarian Donation Team will touch the hearts of many other churches and organizations to help ease the pressure on them as far as feeding and clothing the children are concern in these lockdown period.





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