Pastor’s Life Threatened After Intervening In ‘By-Force’ Marriage Of Girl By Mother


The resident Pastor of the Christ Vision Church at Gomoa Otsew in the Central Region, Pastor Edward Obeng who intervened in the giving of a hand of a member of his church in a marriage against her will has constantly receiving verbal abuse and threats by the mother of the girl and a certain fetish Priest who is said to be a relation to the suppose husband to the girl.

According to the story, the supposed husband who is a farm care-taker in the town has secretly arranged the marriage with the mother of the girl, one auntie Ama Serwaa, a 60-yr old farmer without the consent of the girl.

According to the story, the persistent pressure by the mother forced the girl to move from her mother’s room to rent her own room, but still she has had no peace from both her mother and the boy whose name was given as Kofi Abednego (alias Rasta).

Narrating her ordeal to this reporter, the girl, Elizabeth Inkoom, 21 said the said Rasta use to visit their house to discuss farm issues with her mother until when she decided to rent her own room when the mother added some amount of money to it for the rent only to tell her later that the top-up amount was from Rasta and that he intends to stay with her in the room and marry her.

According to the girl, the proposal by her mother infuriated her and therefore questioned her mother why she would force her own daughter into a marriage without her consent and against her will, but her mother rather rained insults and curses upon her if she refuses to marry the said Rasta.

She disclosed that one night she was fast asleep when she heard her mother knocking on her door and when she opened it she realized that the mother was accompanied by Rasta and when she asked of their mission at that odd time the mother said Rasta had come to pass the night in her room and left, leaving her and Rasta to their fate.

She boldly revealed to this reporter that that night, Rasta forcibly had sex with her so the following morning she went to complain her ordeal to her Pastor Edward Obeng who also called her mother and questioned her of her actions and its future repercussions on her daughter.

According to the girl, her mother became offended by the Pastor’s question so she later called the Church’s founder on phone in Accra and complained that Pastor Edward Obeng is frustriating a marriage ceremony between her daughter and her new-found husband.

When contacted on phone to ascertain his side of the story, Pastor Edward Obeng noted that he had wind of the mother’s plans of giving her daughter’s hand in marriage and as a pastor he called both his church member Elizabeth Inkoom and her mother and asked them of it which they both denied, with Elizabeth saying that she has no knowledge of any marriage plans and nobody has ever approached her with any such proposal.

According to the Pastor, one thing he remembers very well was that he once called Elizabeth and asked her of her future plans and advised her to find something doing as she had no formal education, but she explained that she can only find something doing only when she has moved from her mother’s room.

According to the pastor, it was one day that Elizabeth approached and told him that she has found a room to rent on her own, and as a pastor she called her mother and inquired from her whether she agrees to her daughter’s plans of renting her own room which she obliged and he therefore personally gave her GH 400.00 Cedis to pay for the rent.

According to the pastor, that was the last thing he heard concerning the so-called marriage relationship which was being master-minded by the girl’s mother, as he learnt until the day that Elizabeth came to inform him that her mother bringing Rasta the night before to forcibly had sex with her.

According to the pastor, he had had no peace after wards as he has continuously been receiving verbal assaults publicly from the girl’s mother and threats through phone calls from one Efo who is said to be a fetish Priest and a relation of the said Rasta.

Source: Robert Ayanful

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