People always try to bribe me – Auditor General.

The Auditor-General, Daniel Yaw Domelevo has revealed attempts by some people to influence him with money after they have been implicated for misappropriating public funds.

According to him, all irregularities and infractions that has led to the embezzlement of public funds, exposed by the Audit Service since the Constitution came into being in 1993 would be pursued.

Mr. Domelevo who failed to mention names indicated that influencing him will not prevent him from retrieving monies unlawfully pocketed by public officials.

“Sometimes you get people threatening you and even influencing you with money to prevent you from naming them and publishing any findings in the report. Some of them even claim they are my classmates from school and others to relatives but I’ve rejected so many. If indeed is money that I want, why would I leave the World Bank and take up this job.

“It is an occupational hazard and people always try but we try as much as we could to stop them. Sometimes when they force it then I would advise them to put it on paper but the refuse to show up. I will work without any interference because to me it doesn’t make sense” he said.

Mr Yaw Domelevo was speaking on Adom FM’s Morning Show “Dwaso Nsem” Thursday following decision by service to surcharge some four persons indicted in the Auditor General report for misappropriating state funds.

The individuals are expected to refund the money with interest according to the Bank of Ghana rate.

The Auditor General, had stated that many more people will be served surcharge notice in the coming days, adding that his outfit is committed to implementing the Supreme Court’s ruling.

However, Mr. Yaw Domelovo pointed out that the four have been issued with certificates of indebtedness two weeks ago.

He failed to give details about the four or the amount to be paid back to the state explaining, it is against the provisions of the Audit Act to do so.

A report, Mr. Domelovo said, will be prepared and given to Parliament with all the details for the Ghanaian public to apprise themselves of progress.

Mr. Domelovo also assured Ghanaians, the Department will assert its independence from political actors.

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