People Of Gomoa Beseadze Retrace Roots

The people of Gomoa Beseadze, a farming community in the Gomoa Central Districts of the Central Region have retraced their ancestral roots to Techiman in the then Brong Ahafo Region after over two hundred years of migration.

Led by one fetish priest Kweku and his sister Eku who served as their spiritual leaders, the people were first said to have settled at a place near Assin Eno, where they found water.

For fear of drinking it and dying, they first made an accompanying dog belonging to Eku to drink the water, and after sometime when they realized that the dog did not die, they all drank the water and therefore named the place Eku Aso, meaning Eku’s dog tasted it.

After some years at Eku Aso, the people again migrated southward to Mankesim which  was then under the reign of Obrumankoma, Oson and Odapagan and after settling there for a while, they migrated further south until they met the sea and after spending the night at the shore, they named the place Eku Mpoano- which translates Eku’s  and has remained so till date.

The head of the Royal Aboradze Clan of Gomoa Beseadze, Ebusuapanyin Kofi Adam Yakubu who narrated the history during the celebration of this year’s Annual Akwambo festival of Chiefs and people of the town said Eku later got married another fetish priest at Ankamu near Apam junction and had a son.

He disclosed that the son also migrated from Ankamu and settled elsewhere and because of his oratory skills his place was named Osen Abrofo, meaning ‘’he is more than the white man’’ which has been coined to Simbrofo till date.

According to the Ebusuapanyin, the people led by one Opanyin Ewool and others migrated again to their present place of settlement where they sought shelter under a huge cola tree during a heavy downpour, hence naming the place Beseadze, which translate-under the cola tree.

by; Robert Ayanful

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