Sanitation in Ghana has been aired or seen several times in the media so much that it might appear to be nuisance or overburdened topic, of which strict rules must be put in place.

Accra, Tema station gutters and its environment must enhance proper sanitation maintenance in their vicinity .Gutters at Tema station is choked with heap rubbish containing dirty water in it.
Lack of proper sanitation can lead to the outbreak of diseases such as Malaria, Cholera, Typhoid Fever and many others.

Accra Metropolitan Assembly, however, needs to put up certain strategies to improve proper sanitation in the system because it has become too rampant everywhere, and these must be dealt with immediate effect.

However, many are educated on how to keep environment clean and also gutters by not dumping refuse into them .But the question is, are we abiding by the rules? The answer is no ,So the best thing which the AMA should put in place ,since they are in charge of sanitation problems, Is that most gutters must be covered properly which will help to put a stop to those who dump refuse intentionally into the gutters and also the government should provide a helping hand to support the sanitation management to put strict measures to every vicinities ,markets ,stations to help breed and lower poor sanitation problems in the country and these can be done through communal labour enforcement and regular checking.

Story by Cynthia Mensah

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