Ports Cannot Shut Down – PMAWCA

The Ports Management Association of West and Central Africa has stated that port platforms cannot shut down in the wake of the coronavirus crisis because they are critical infrastructures and necessary for the survival of nations and vital to the population and economy.

The Association in a communique signed by its Secretary-General, Jean-Marie Koffi has therefore set out stringent health and safety measures to be implemented in all Western and Central Africa Ports in order to preserve workers’ health, limit the spread of the virus and avoid the prolongation of this public health crisis and its economic consequences.

Port Authorities are to ensure that the measures are effectively implemented within the stakeholders of the port community and provide all the necessary means to protect employees at the workplace.

Port Authorities are also to ensure Harbour Masters implement these new health, safety and security measures immediately.

The following measures are:

Border restrictions

  1. Crew/passengers on board arriving vessels that have called at ports in mainland China, France, Germany, Iran, Italy, Republic of Korea and Spain within the last 14 days shall remain on board the vessels during the vessel’s stay in port.
  2. Crew/passengers arriving from countries other than mainland China, France, Germany, Iran, Italy, Republic of Korea and Spain who wish to land ashore will be served with Stay Home Notice (SHN)
  3. With effect from 31st March 2020, Port should cease calls from all cruise vessels.

For Shipping Community:

  1. New Compulsory Maritime Declaration of Health (attached is Singapore Maritime & Port Authority new declaration as of March 20th, 2020)

For ISPS Restricted Areas:

  1. Enforced social distancing for port workers;
  2. Observing other health precautions for all port workers;
  3. Enhanced access control with temperature taking checkpoints

For Port Community Stakeholders:

All stakeholders should take precautionary measures for eligible staff to telecommute.

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