Prampram Chieftaincy Dispute: E.T Mensah Has Failed His People – Kingmakers Insist

Kingmakers in the Prampram Paramount Area of the Greater Accra Region, have lashed out at the Greater Accra Council of state member and former MP for the area, Hon Enoch Teye Mensah over his double standard in the area’s protracted chieftaincy disputes.
According to the kingmakers, the 5 term MP for the Ningo Prampram constituency should be held accountable for the state of the ongoing chieftaincy dispute in the area, since he has failed as a statesman in his quest to resolve the impasse.
They claim the Hon ET Mensah in the heat up to the Prampram chieftaincy dispute which saw the killing of some elders by unknown gunmen, held a meeting with the elders of each of the 3 royal gates on the directives of the presidency to resolve the growing dispute.
Speaking to press in the company of the elders of the 3 royal gates, Numo Osabu Abbey IV, Paramount stool father revealed that, during the said meeting, the Hon E.T Mensah proposed the setting up of a fast-track resolution panel to delve into the matter and also ensure the Greater Accra regional House of chiefs also fast track it handling of petitions brought before it by the 3 royal gates.
According to Numo Osabu Abbey, the road map proposed by the council of state member, compelled them to halt all legal proceedings and any action against the said Nene Tetteh Wakah who goes around parading himself as chief of Prampram, since they had some level of respect and trust in the statesman.
He said they were shocked to the core when they found out that, the Hon E.T Mensah’s sudden interest in the matter was rather to act as a mole and feed the camp of the said Nene Tetteh Wakah and his group of likely evil-minded people at the regional House of chiefs, and in so doing scupper all their plans to ensure the Prampram Paramountcy is preserved for the rightful owner.
He said the last stroke that broke the camel back was when the former Ningo Prampram legislator was seen in the company of the said Nene Tetteh Wakah at a ceremony purportedly to gazette the later as chief of Prampram in Dodowa.
According to the kingmakers, the posture taken by Hon E.T Mensah in the matter does not only betray his loyalty to the 3 royal gates and the good people of Prampram, but it also goes a long way to affirm the decision by the good people of Prampram to boot him out of office based on the notion that he was selfish, a divider and undeserving to be called a leader.
The kingmakers said, not even the betrayal of E.T Mensah nor some actors of the state will scupper their determination to enstool a legitimate chief for Prampram since the area deserves one.
They added that, the likes of Nene Tetteh Wakah can go on sharing monies to influence individuals like E.T Mensah or his likes but not that of the integrity of the good people of Prampram who have resolved to ensure a legitimate chief is installed.
They warned any attempt by the former legislator to interfere in their quest to get the right thing done, would be met with the level of resistance it deserves, since he has openly declared his stance in the matter.


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