Pramrpam Chieftaincy Impasse; Regional House Exposed Over The Induction Of Nene Tetteh Wakah

A decision by the leadership of the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs (GARHC) to gazette and induct Michael Quarcoopome Parker popularly known as Nene Tetteh Wakah III, has been exposed by available documents to the media.

News were rife last week over the induction of Nene Tetteh Wakah into the greater Accra house of chiefs following a purported gazettion by the house.

However, available documents from the National house of Chiefs dated October 16th 2020, has exposed the leadership of the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs, to warrant their decision to induct and gazette the said Nene Tetteh Wakah was out of place and also an affront to the very tenants and values of which the house stands for.

In a ruling by the National House of Chiefs dated October 16 2020, of which Nene Tetteh Wakah had challenged the legitimacy of Numo Osabu Abbey IV as Paramount Stool father, sought to establish the fact that Numo Osabu Abbey was the Paramount Stool father since all documents in their possession state as such.

Nene Tetteh Wakah III had sought the intervention of the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs to annul the authority of Numo Osabu Abbey IV who has on numerous occasions asserted that the former is not a chief, since he wasn’t properly enstooled by he (Numo Osabu nor his kingmakers) and moreover not a royal from any of the 3 Royal gates.

However the issue was appealed successfully at the National House of Chiefs by Kingmakers of the 3 Royal gates, in which it was established that, Numo Osabu Abbey IV still remains the substantive Paramount Stool father, in effect cementing his authority as the only custodian to finally endorse any chief or individual appointed by any of the 3 royal gates to fill the vacant Pramrpam stool.

It is on this premise that Kingmakers of the three Royal gates in Prampram are demanding to know what informed the decision of he Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs to gazette and induct the said Nene Tetteh Wakah into office as Pramrpam chief, when the only individual (stool father) in whose hands lies the power to confirm a chief, has publicly denied ever enstooling the said Nene Tetteh Wakah nor endorsing him as chief of Pramrpam.

Ironically the kingmakers find it difficult to believe the Regional House of Chiefs will gazette a chief who has no stool (traditional stool on which a chief is made to seat on before being cleared to become a chief).

And for the house to even accept the supposed the Pramrpam Queen mother who was enstooled by the Paramount stool father, Numo Osabu Abbey, emphasis the authority of the stool father and his stands that Nene Tetteh Wakah is not a chief since he did not enstooled him.

Elders of the 3 royal gates have warned, the machinations by the president of the regional House of Chiefs Nene Aadegbor Animle VI, and that of his vice, King Odaifio Welensti III of Nungua, together with the registrar of the house  Enoch Addo, to use brute tactics to impose Nene Tetteh Wakah on them as chief, will surely backfire since they wont sit aloof and watch the crime being perpetrated by these individuals go unpunished.

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