Pramrpam: Numo Daniel Anertey Abbey Installed As Family Head Of Kwei Opletu Royal Gate

The necessary traditional rites has been performed to install Numo Anertey Abbey as the new Family Head of the Kwei Opletu We one of the 3 Royal gates in the Pramrpam Traditional Area of the Greater Accra Region.

The installation of Numo Anertey Abbey as the new family head, follows the dismissal of  one Justice David Abbey as head of the family on the 1st of September 2021.

At a colourful ceremony on the 3rd of October 2021 to install Numo Anertey Abbey as the new family head, both the chief priest and the priestess performed the needed traditional rites to pave way for the installation.

The newly confirmed family head later swore an oath of office and allegiance to the Paramount stool father Numo Osabu Abbey IV, who supervised the ceremony which tool place at the  Annor We family house together with heads of the three royal gates.

Numo Daniel Annertey Abbey before his installation as the new family head of the Kwei Opletu Royal family, was then the deputy to the dismissed Justice David Abbey.

It would be recalled that heads of the Kwei Opletu Royal family together with the Paramount stool father unanimously dismissed one Justice David Abbey as the family head effective the 1st of September 2021, over charges of insubordination, division and act of gross disrespect to the elders of the family.

The ceremony also saw the appointment into office the chief linguist for the Royal family in the person of  Mr Francis Anertey Abbey popularly known as Paneke, who was unanimously endorsed and accepted by the family heads.

The ceremony to install Numo Daniel Anertey Abbey as the new Family Head was witnessed by Paramount Stool father Numo Osabu Abbey IV who doubles as the head of the three royal gates, the chief priest Numo Osabu Okoe  Abbey, Heads of the Tetteh Djan We gate, Abbey Doku Mansro We gate and other leaders of the various royal families.

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