Pramrpam Residents Demand Enstoolment Of New Chief

A group calling itself, Pramrpam Royal Youth, have petitioned kingmakers of the 3 royal gates to as a matter of urgency put in place measures for the installation of a new paramount Chief for the area.

The youth group who were numbered in their hundreds besieged the residents of the paramount stool father Numo Osabu Abbey to present a petition on behalf of natives of Prampram whom they say are in agreement with calls for the enstoolment of a new Chief.

According to the leader of the group, Gideon Sampson Abbey, the Prampram traditional area has in recent times been in the news for the wrong reasons, due to the ongoing chieftaincy disputes in the area of which they solely blame on the shoulders of one Michael Quarcopome Packer also known as Nene Tetteh Wakah.

According to them, since the said Quarcopome Packer begun holding himself as a chief for the area, Pramrpam has not known peace, amidst the killing of persons who have been against his self-acclaimed kingship.

They believe the failure on the part of kingmakers to enstool a new Chief who will have the support of the Prampram township, has empowered persons they claim as non-royals to claim entitlement to the Pramrpam Paramountcy.

They assured the kingmakers of their support and that of the entire pramrpam township, should they begin the traditional rites to enstool a new Chief, warning any person who attempts preventing such an exercise would be dealt with, since Prampram has no chief and for that matter, a recent ceremony to gazette and induct into office the said Nene Tetteh Wakah as chief of Pramrpam is not and would not be respected or accepted by any youth nor indigenes of Pramrpam.

Numo Osabu Abbey who received the petition on behalf of the elders of the 3 royal gates namely, Abbey/Doku Mansro We, Kwei Opletu We, and Tetteh Djan/Larbi Agbo We, who all had their family heads present, promised the kingmakers will delve into the concerns of the youth and act accordingly.

According to him, Pramrpam has no chief so far as they the kingmakers are concerned, and for that it would be prudent of the regional security council headed by the Regional Minister and the Chieftaincy minster to ensure persons such as Michael Quarcopome Packer alias Nene Tetteh Wakah, who are parading themselves as chief of Pramrpam without any locus or properly being enstooled, should be brought to book.

Meanwhile information being picked by this news report indicates that, some persons believed to have been contracted to unleash a bloody attack on the Paramount stool father and his kingmakers, have been cited in the Pramrpam Township in recent days. Concerns are high over a possible bloody incident should the police sit unconcerned while the said hoodlums roam about the Prampram township targeting their prey.

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