Prosecutions of corrupt officials to begin in October – Deputy Attorney General.

Government will in the next two months begin the prosecution of officials in the Mahama administration who have been found to have wasted the public funds with impunity.

Deputy Attorney General, Joseph Kpemka who disclosed this on Point Plank on Eyewitness News on Thursday said the Akufo-Addo government is building cases against such officials and will put them before court in October.

Zero tolerance for corruption

President Akufo-Addo prior to the election promised to fight corruption when elected into office and also promised to set up a Special Prosecutor office to deal with such cases.

But even before the Special Prosecutor Bill could be passed into law, Mr. Kpemka said “by October when we start moving to court with some of the cases, Ghanaians will know that we are serious and we are ready to fight corruption as a canker in this country and uproot it once and for all.”

We’ll thread cautiously

Although he failed to mention names of persons who are likely to be prosecuted, Mr. Kpemka said his outfit will thread cautiously “with utmost circumspection taking into consideration the rights of the individuals involved.”

“You don’t go to court unprepared because there is pressure for you to go to court otherwise in the end you will embarrass yourself and we are not prepared in the least to embarrass ourselves in any court in Ghana. The courts are on a legal vacation and will be resuming in October by which time things will be ready and we will proceed to court. However I am unable to mention specific cases that are ready for prosecution and will be taken to court for very good reasons, when we get to the bridge we will cross,” he added.

The Deputy Minister said there are several investigations and analysis currently being done by the government and various security agencies including the BNI and EOCO to build solid cases.

Heartbreaking corruption cases

According to him claims against some potential corrupt officials who will be prosecuted are very heartbreaking.

“We’ve invited several persons who have been interrogated by Police, EOCO, BNI and other state agencies acting with one another to ensure a very holistic investigation that will uncover the rot to the court. Some of the facts, when you read them out and you don’t have the heart you will not be able to stand it, because the actions and conducts of certain persons are so bad that you will get very angry to the core upon the first hearing of the facts alleged against such persons,” he added.

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