PSC Tema Shipyard Workers Demand CEO’s Removal

The National Union of Seamen, Ports and Allied workers (NUSPAW) are for the second time appealing to the Ministry of Transport and the President to as a matter of urgency remove the Chief Executive Officer of PSC Tema Shipyard, Dr Alexander Adusei from office for what they term lack of understanding of the shipyard business hence running down the facility.

The CEO of PSC Tema Shipyard who doubles as the Director General of the yet to be built Keta Port has come under heavy criticism and attack from workers of the Tema Shipyard for what they term the CEO’s inability to keep the facility in competition due to his poor understanding of the business of shipyard.

This they say is not inuring to the benefit of the workers and the successes made over the past years.

In an earlier statement by NUSPAW, the mother Union of the workers of PSC Tema Shipyard, called on the Minister of Transport to as a matter of urgency remove its CEO as he has failed to keep the facility in shape as gains chalked in the past have all been eroded as his continuous stay in office could bring dire consequences to the facility.

In a statement issued by the General Secretary of NUSPAW, Isaac Impraim, noted that, workers of Tema Shipyard who number about 300 are unhappy with the CEO’s lack of understanding of the job and his unwillingness to learn and correct the wrong to make the facility run smoothly and are thus calling for his removal to save the yard from losing out on the gains made over the past years.

He said, the follow up call on the President and the Ministry to as a matter of urgency remove Mr. Adusei as CEO of PSC Tema Shipyard is borne out of what the Union describe as false publication made in some circles of the media specifically Ghanaweb insinuating that workers of PSC Tema Shipyard have apologized to the president over their earlier call for the removal of their CEO.

Mr Impraim noted in a recent statement issued on 25th August, 2021 which sort to set the record straight that “the publication made by Ghanaweb is a fabricated story and lack credibility and must be disregarded. Workers of PSC Tema Shipyard have a mouthpiece that speaks for them on matters such as this and it’s interesting that a media outlet could publish a story without a source and further go ahead to claim condition of anonymity in that same write up.

We would want to say the story published on Ghanaweb must be disregarded as it does not in any form represent the sentiment and thought of the entire workers at PSC Tema Shipyard. “

He further noted that “ for the records, the statement as published by the online portal is actually misleading such that it said the workers who wrote the statement pleaded anonymity and again subsequently mentioned in that same story that the statement was signed by two workers on behalf of the entire workforce.  This could never be true.” He said

The August 25 statement signed by the General Secretary of NASPAW further noted that the entire workforce remain resolute with their demand and are appealing to the President and the sector Minister to look into their demands as it will save the company from future troubles.

“Be it known unto all that the workers still stand by their earlier position that the CEO must go”

Mr. Impraim went ahead to say that, the workers appear to be calm, the fact being that information available to them indicate that a committee is being constituted to look into the matter and subsequently make some recommendations.

He thus sent a word of caution to media outlets to be circumspect in their reportage and ensure the cross checking of facts before publishing same.

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