Rawlings is the soul of NDC – Group

A group calling itself Integrity Against Corruption (I.A.C) which professes association to the National Democratic Congress has condemned recent attacks on former President Jerry Rawlings.

Many party people have taken Rawlings to the cleaners and questioned his motives for constantly charging the party and officials of corruption, a move often met with denials by party officials.

About a fortnight ago Rawlings partook in this year’s celebration of the Asafotufiami festival of the chiefs and people of Ada, during which he blamed corruption within the Mahama administration as part of the causes for the NDC’s defeat in the December 2016 polls.

This time around a few others hit back at the party founder, calling him names.

Of note were the reposts of former Deputy Chief of Staff in the Mahama government, Vallerie Sawyerr and former NDC chairman, Dr. Obed Asamoah.

But I.A.C. at a press conference addressed by Selorm Hamenoo at Agbozume in the Ketu South District on Monday, said all the attacks on Rawlings were calculated at covering up the truth within the party.

He said events of the recent past have caused some party members to question whether the NDC of today is the same old NDC.

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the press will recall how NDC has trumpeted over the years for a country devoid of corruption. You will also easily recall the passion with which our founder has fought corruption all his life.

“Unfortunately however, the word “corruption” seems to have become a taboo word within certain circles of the NDC, especially if it comes from the lips of His Excellency former President Rawlings.”

The group said insulting J. J. Rawlings is nothing but a tactical move to overshadow the truth.

“Insulting one of our illustrious sons of the land, Flt. Lt. J J Rawlings, through whose instrumentality we are credited highly on the continent and the world will result in nothing but a deep seated fracture of our party.

“We want to put it in a simple language, ‘No Rawlings, No NDC!!! He’s the moving spirit and energy of the party. Check it up.”

The group explained that the NDC cannot afford to debase the very principles that united it and made it strong to champion the hopes and aspirations of the Ghanaian.

“The I.A.C believes strongly in the values and the principles instituted by the founder J.J. Rawlings, as guiding principles vital for perpetuating good governance, rule of law and Justice. It is important to note that allowing a few people whose interest is to clinch power, come what may, will only diminish the fortunes of our great party.

“Let them stop the wickedness of perpetuating falsehood. Let us fight corruption. Let us unite as a party determined to win elections to better the lot of our countrymen and women.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we will like to conclude our message by re-affirming our unflinching support and faith in the founder, J J Rawlings, and to solemnly declare that any spite on His Excellency is a spite against the grassroots of the NDC.”
Source: Graphic.com.gh

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