Recognize My Works In 2012 Or Lose Elections – Man Of God Warns NDC

As the clock ticks towards the December 7 elections, Canada-based Ghanaian Pastor and Spiritualist, Apostle David Ansong, is warning the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) to honor their 2012 contractual agreement with him or forget about winning.

In an interview, Apostle David Ansong, sounding angry and disappointed at the attitude of the NDC towards him, recounted how the party, through some intermediaries, sought his assistance to spiritually change the 2012 election in the favor, promising to acknowledge and remunerate him for that.

He claimed the elections were supposed to go in favor of the then Candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and now President Nana Akufo Addo in a one-round voting but through his spiritual ingenuity, the results went the other way, culminating in the NDC winning.

Apostle Ansong, Head Pastor of the House of David Christian Fellowship, based in Canada with branches across the world, said, the NDC, after winning the polls, completely reneged on their promise.

“After winning the elections, they never bothered to get back to me; not even through the intermediaries who earlier assured me of their appreciation,” he said.

He warned that, if they do not honor their own words prior to this year’s elections, they should have they themselves to blame if things go bad for them.

On this note, he issued a one-week ultimatum to ex-President Mahama and another leading personality (name withheld), who contacted him for the spiritual operations to be carried out, to do the needful or regret it.

“I am giving the NDC one-week ultimatum to come out and show appreciation to me, else I will make sure he (Mahama) will never win any elections in the country again. I am not here for money; I only need recognition,” he stated.

According to him, he flew all the way from Canada to Ghana when he heard of Mr. Mahama’s decision to contest for the presidency again in 2020 and “I see it as an insult to me and that is why I am coming out strong now”.

Giving the background to the issue, Apostle Ansong recollected that in 2012, he was in Canada when a friend of his, Hope Avorgah, called that the NDC and John Mahama eagerly needed his spiritual help to overturn the results of the 2012 polls to favor them.

He said he paid his way down to Ghana from Canada to execute the spiritual job, which helped the party win at a time Nana Addo was poised to be victorious; but he took no money for that assignment.

To give credence to his story, Apostle Ansong said his orchestrations caused Nana Addo to fall down publicly as a sign of his ability to do the job. “I was supposed to make sure that he (Nana Akufo-Addo) falls down in public in order to overturn the results, and this assignment was carried out at the Jubilee Park in Kumasi.”

He added that, “I gave an item to someone (name withheld) and I told him, he should make sure to get close to Nana Akufo-Addo, who was to address his party members at the Jubilee Park in Kumasi so that the electoral results could be overturned, spiritually.”

“He managed to get close to Nana Akufo-Addo on the political platform and that caused the metal stage to collapse. The collapsed stage helped Mr. Mahama to win the polls but they have failed to show appreciation”.

Apostle Ansong says he has been blessed with spiritual powers to overturn results of possible outcomes of elections and other events, warning that if the NDC failed to show appreciation to him now, they (NDC) would suffer the consequences.

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