“Remove Now” – GRIFCo Orders Prince Yaw Essah To Demolish Shops Under High Tension Lines

The Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCo) is pursuing the Tourism Development Fund Administrator and 2020 Parliamentary aspirant of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Agona East, Prince Yaw Essah for illegally constructing a shopping facility under its High Voltage/Tension transmission line at Oyarifa Ghana Flag Junction.

The construction of the shops caught the attention of the media because of its position and how the building is brought closer to the main road.

In response to the media publications about the looming danger the building poses to shopper and people who would patronise the facility when completed, GRIDCo has zoomed into action.


Officials of GRIDCo who were a the scene, wrote notices on the building demarcating clearly where the building should end.

A follow-up by this Journaist to the area revealed that, GRIDCo officials during their visit wrote “By GRIDCo REMOVE NOW 01/11/21,” an explicit order for Prince Yaw Essah to demolish the building.

Also, it was indicated clearly on the building, portions which must be removed.

It would be recalled that Prince Yaw Essah was fingered in some illegalities that puts the lives of residents of Oyarifa and its environs, especially shoppers in danger.

Prince Yaw Essah who has been parading himself as an “Akufo-Addo’s Boy,” has also been accused of using his position to intimidate residents of Oyarifa who stand against his illegalities.

He is constructing a two-floor storey building very close to a High Voltage transmission line at Oyarifa Ghana Flag Junction but the project according to residents and business owners, pose serious health risks to them and therefore raised questions as to why the La Nkwantanang Municipal Assembly and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would give permit to him for the construction of his shop under a high voltage transmission line, whilst GRIDCo looks on unconcerned.

The building if completed pose serious threats to human lives considering its position under a High Voltage transmission line.

Meanwhile, painstaking investigations revealed that the La Nkwantanang Municipal Assembly did not give permit for the construction of the said shop and that the construction of the shop by Prince Yaw Essah came by an “Order from Above.”

Also, Mr. Peter Amoah, an Estates Developer who sold the parcel of land to Prince Yaw Essah, admitted selling only “16 feet” space to Yaw Essah but realized that Prince Yaw Essah extended to approximately 26 feets and building his shop closer to the main road.

In view of that Mr. Peter Amoah decided to hold onto the documents covering the land he sold to Prince Yaw Essah because he (Prince) forfeited the Agreement he had with him.

This goes to explain that Prince Yaw Essah cannot acquire Permit to build when he has no documents covering the land.

Source at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said the Agency could not have given permit to anyone to build close or under a High Tension transmission line.

According to the source, high voltage transmission lines are overhead power lines used for efficient bulk power transmission and that since the power needs to be transmitted over long distances, the voltage level of transmitted power is increased to reduce the current to minimize the power losses during transmission.

He said, ELF radiation from power lines is harmful to the body which can cause headache, dizziness, fatigue and insomnia and leads to hypertension, irritability, listlessness, decline in energy levels, obesity etc.

“Even while there is no scientific evidence, ELF radiation is a health hazard. Hence, it is not safe to live near power lines. That is why we are against such act,” the source said.

GRIDCo Intervention

Although residents are happy about the steps taken by GRIDCo to ensure that the right thin is done, they have also expressed reservations as to whether GRIDCo will pursue the order to its conclusion.

Speaking to some of the residents, they indicated that, they were expecting to see further action from GRIDCo one week after giving the order to Prince Yaw Essah to remove the building.

“It has been over a week now since GRIDCo came to write on the building. What next?” a resident asked.

Also, building contractors who commented on the development, said it is either Prince Yaw Essah cuts the building and remove the portion which he used in encroaching the road and under the High Voltage lines or he completely demolish the whole building.

By Prosper Agbenyega

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