REPLB Takoradi “Chop Chop” And Archbishop Akwesi Asare

All You Need to Know about Mr. Isaac Manu (Former Regional Administrator) & The Full Story About The Financial Malfeasance “Chop Chop” At REPLB ( Takoradi Branch) Endorsed by Archbishop Akwesi Asare Bediako)

The Bible says in 1 Timothy 3:3 that Not drunkard, not violent but gentle, not quarrelsome, and not lover of money . But sad to say, I am tempted to believe that the love of money has taken
Over center stage in the affairs of the so called man/ men of God.
The Takoradi : Financial “Chop Chop”


Greetings to everyone in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

I am of full knowledge concerning my release and therefore, will always avail myself to testify and affirm to whatever action which had informed my conclusions contained in my press release without fear or favour.

First of all, this press release goes to all those who are born again in Christ , understand and appreciate the suffering work of our Lord Jesus Christ concerning our salvation, and also uphold the great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Resurrection Power and Living Bread Ministries International founded by the late Rev Francis Amoako which is simply called REPLIB is a great and true Church of God Almighty with sound teachings.

Regional branches are figuratively, branches of the main tree which is the Ministry and therefore, any challenges or faults in any branch affects the entirety of the tree.

In relation to REPLIB as the main Tree, Western Regional Branch Takoradi Central Branch to be precise had problems and that has equally affected the entire Ministry.

The problem is,

Overview of the Problem

It seems to me that the Archbishop has been inspired by the devil through men who are among the leadership of the Church as happened to Jesus in Matthew 4, and it looks like if he the Archbishop will maintain them as leaders of the Church, they will pull down the warehouse (which they have already taken over from the Church main administration for their personal management) and built Ultra modern offices for their personal and selfish desires, which will not be difficult for them.

Shockingly, I am anticipating that the main plan is to take over the entire property from the Church as they have already taken over its huge income from the Church by first of all making sure that the lease agreement expires for the ” thieves” and take advantage of it.

This I may say has been the main vision of the Archbishop because he makes sure that any Pastor who is transferred to head the Western Region and refuses to condone with this business men ( thieves in cassock) are disgraced, transferred or sacked and if possible make false allegations against whoever is obstructing them, in order to win the suppprt of the congregants in perpetrating their evil acts, a clear example is Rev Paul Anane.

This is the exact problem in the Region and shall always be so once the Archbishop Akwesi Asare Bediako continues to lead the Ministry and the Trustees always continue to remain unconcerned!

Despite recent action of the Archbishop which has led him and the Trustees to be dragged to Accra High Court by Rev Paul Anane, he has also started a fresh one by transferring Bishop Bughyei Nti to take the position of Rev Sammy, who might hold a contrary view to their perceived objective of taken over the property of the Church and may be had refused to allow these business men to used the accumulated rent income from the warehouse from 2019 to date. This Bishop Nti was the very same person who was found openly in a news paper lying against his own colleague Pastor after preaching to the world that Jesus Christ is coming soon. The question is, how can we trust a liar to head a full region? This is a clear disgrace and an indictment to the Church.

Sadly, a Bishop whose ten (10) years in the Region almost collapse the Church couldn’t scare the Archbishop but has rather seems to inspired him! What kind of spirit is operating in the Archbishop? I ask because this Archbishop will not hesitate to sack anyone who will try to interfere in these lies of Bishop Bugyei Nti, but God is still at work.

The Position of Isaac Manu, former Administrator in the Region on the matter is stated below:

I have been sent to the Church to clean the system and that is my call to the Ministry.

I was therefore, prevented from walking around the Church premises with a letter from the Archbishop of which I’m yet to know my offense, may be they see me as a threat to their perceived evil ambition. But I shall continually “fight” this evil act from home until the truth is established.

The Church still remains the Body of Christ and you must join me if you are in the Church for Christ and not to please the Archbishop.

The fear and intimidation is that, I have no thought that since these business people are so canal in their act they don’t care to harm you in any form by using what ever means they deem fit to remove any hindrance to their perceived plan.

I am not afraid of their intimidation and wickedness for God is ready to expose them and their wickedness when they attempt it!

Please Kindly Note that,
The Archbishop Court case begins Tuesday, 8 2022, I shall be given you undiluted update in order for you to follow the case without any fabrications.

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