Rev. James Akyerekwa Jnr: Covid-19 Has Had Negative Effect On Religion

The minister in charge of the Agona Swedru branch of the Christ Chapel Mission Int., Rev. James Akyerekwa Jnr. has said the presence of the Corona Virus pandemic in the country has had an adverse effects on religious activities. Speaking at a church service last Sunday, Rev. Akyerekwa noted that even after easing restrictions imposed by the president on social gatherings including religious activities as a way of curbing the spread of the disease, most people have now become adamant to attend church service with the fear of contracting the disease. He however disagreed with the notion held by some that the disease was a weapon designed by the devil to clamp down on the faith of believers, though admitting that it’s presence has waxed cold the faith of most believers. He has therefore admonished all believers not to disassociate themselves from religious activities, but rather participate in them, as their staying home will not make the disease go away, but would rather wax cold their belief. He later commended the president for putting in place drastic measures to protect the citizenry from the disease and not throwing caution to the wind as witnessed in some countries. By: Robert Ayanful

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