Revenue Mobilisation Officers Extorting Money From Traders Along Aflao Border

Information gathered indicates that some persons who claim to be working for the Ministry of Finance as revenue mobilisation officers are intimidating people in Aflao and its environs.
These people have also positioned themselves as security personnel and driving tension along the border.
Checks conducted however indicates that one Kalitsi Francis Kwaku and Kabila Gadeka are at the center of this development.
According to them, they have been recruited by the ministry of finance as revenue mobilisation officers on the borders, but residents have been questioning their claims as according to residents, the so-called revenue mobilisation officers cannot even read or write.
Speaking to Daniel Akpalu, NPP Ketu South Vice Chairman and a Security Expert, he stressed that situation with security in the area is appalling.
“Everybody becomes security personnel, arresting people declaring their goods. This would not happen anywhere around the world we are not safe justice is perverted. This is wide spread and seething discontent in Aflao where repression is very pervasive by these guys who claimed they are revenue mobilisation officers from ministry of finance,” he said.
He said the President needed to bring in more loyalist in order to carry out his agenda and that there are people in government that are believed to subvert his goal.
“Otherwise they would not have made deployments and I.D. cards as revenue mobilisation officers. People who did not go to schools cannot read and write are assigned as revenue mobilisation officers at the country borders bits, pillars, molesting traders the business community. They are making government unpopular, there will be very serious setback if government or whoever makes deployment to withdrew them immediately.”
He said it is a Matter of Honor for us that this is uncovered, and government must shed light on this, adding that there is an odd mixture of unreality and hand faced pragmatism in the way things are done along the border.
He said, “We are now facing unprecedented change which present huge challenges to public security and safety. This anger by the people, must not be allowed to go on.”


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